When it comes to the expectations customers have today from shippers and logistics providers, finding ways to expedite every transportation process can help companies rise above the competition and increase customer satisfaction. It may be final-mile delivery that is getting all the attention these days, but for many retailers optimizing the many upstream steps in their supply chain, like pier drayage, shouldn’t be overlooked.

In order to explain why pier drayage services are such a vital part of many companies’ logistics networks, it’s important to establish what they are exactly. Pier drayage is the process of moving shipping containers and cargo by truck from a facility yard or train station to a dock or pier. Because of this service, transferring containers overseas has never been easier and more reliable.

One thing to note is that this form of shipping usually takes place in one city, which means that the departure and arrival points are not spread out across different states or long distances. Now that drayage has been more clearly defined, here are some of the potential charges that typically make up the rate for these services:

  • Fuel surcharges
  • Linehaul rates
  • Chassis return and rental
  • Congestion fees
  • Tolls
  • Pick-up/drop-off terminal charges

While these are some of the most common drayage fees, not all of them are quoted upfront because they’re considered demurrage and detention charges that can change depending on each delivery. You can really only choose the right logistics provider for your company once you have all of the information. So, shippers should make sure to ask for a quote estimate that includes all potential drayage charges in order to get the most accurate cost projection ahead of time.

You should also check with your provider to see how they calculate their rates, if they track shipments in transit, and what the timeline of the delivery will look like from beginning to end. Without addressing these questions upfront, you won’t be able to create a realistic budget.

Benefits of Pier Drayage

These specialty logistics services help to fill in the gaps along intermodal supply chains, making them a critical component of transporting large containers. Their ability to streamline transportation is what will keep your deliveries running more smoothly. As an added bonus, any delays that may happen along the way can be quickly resolved, since they cover such little ground.

Basically, pier drayage is the most efficient way to get your freight to its next mode of transport. Carriers that offer pier drayage are also required to have the appropriate bonding and licensing, so shippers can rest a little easier with the knowledge that their goods will be in vetted, secure hands.

Companies can contract drayage services for the purpose of keeping their cold chains intact with refrigerated container options as well. There are many other types of containers, such as open-top, high cube, flat rack, etc., pier drayage services can also help transport that any top-quality logistics provider should be more than equipped to handle.

With a partner like O’Neill Logistics overseeing your pier drayage needs, you can leverage this information along with our years of experience to optimize container transportation from the Ports of LA/ Long Beach, Port of Savannah, and Port of NY/ NewJersey and improve your bottom line.