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MSC slides sailings, citing NA port congestion

MSC is telling customers that ship departures next month on a host of Asia services to the U.S. and Western Canada will be a week or more delayed due to congestion at key North American ports.

The carrier adjusted September departures for two East Coast services, two Gulf Coast services, and four West Coast services. Delays are “due to the ongoing challenging market situation generating congestion and schedule delays across the supply chain.”

The East Coast services include MSC’s Elephant and America services, which 2M Alliance partner Maersk brands as TP17 and TP11, respectively. The Elephant/TP17 sailing for mid-September will slide one week, while America/TP11 at the end of September will leave two weeks later.

Affected Gulf Coast services include the Lone Star/TP18 and Pelican/TP88. An early September sailing for both services will fall behind one week due to the schedule change.

The Orient/TP8 and Sequoia/TP3 services to Southern California will fall behind one week. Additionally, the Eagle/TP9 service to Seattle and Vancouver and the Maple/TP1 service to Canada’s West Coast ports will also be affected.

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NY-NJ truckers tepid on Saturday gate hours

Drayage carriers at the Port of NY-NJ say Saturday truck gates offer little to no advantage because weekday problems such as returning empty containers, scarce chassis, and limited terminal appointments also hit weekend gates.

However, according to a recent poll, truckers were split on whether more weekday or Saturday gate hours were the best way to relieve the port of high numbers of long-dwelling containers.

The NJ-based Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers said that 70% of the respondents to a poll it conducted cited the thousands of empty containers lingering in the NY-NJ port region – and the chassis they tie up – as the main factors blocking truckers from making better use of Saturday gate openings.

Bi-State, which has 170 carrier members, said three dozen intermodal trucking companies responded to the poll. The respondents were “mostly large to mid-sized fleets who move a significant share of the freight at the Port of NY-NJ.”

Poll respondents said the usefulness of Saturday gate hours was mixed, sometimes offering better turn times and the ability to relieve empties. However, many said the experience wasn’t consistent and could sometimes be worse than weekday gates from a turn-time perspective.

With truckers forced to use their own equipment to store empties, 94% of respondents said they have sent a driver home because there was no chassis available. All the respondents said they couldn’t get enough empty return appointments at the terminals that require them. Additionally, 97% said that terminal rules on dual-transactions also limited their Saturday operations.

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